About Us

Black Rhino Radio is a project promoting artists, music, and the culture behind the sound. Set around people with a background in music and visual arts, the team behind summons over 15 years of experience. On every project, we make the voices of both established and emerging artists heard.

The online station promotes the diversity of music and people. The Black Rhino Radio community summons musicians, visual artists, DJs, professionals, record store owners, selectors, label owners, promoters, and music lovers. With each show put out on the world wide web, we aspire to bring a feeling of happiness for both the broadcaster and the audience.

With over 100 shows, Black Rhino Radio is streaming live, ten hours a day, from 11:00 to 21:00, Monday to Friday. We work to bring new shows, special editions, and different guests from all over the world and make Black Rhino Radio a place where people can discover new music and sounds.

As a cultural project, we seek finance from both private and public institutions. Black Rhino Radio sits on the work of Black Rhino Music, an event and editorial platform. Black Rhino Music put together events, artist-in-residence projects, conferences and wrote interviews, reviews, and opinion articles.

With Black Rhino Radio in the making, we started a long term partnership with glo™ that allowed us to develop and think of future artistic projects dedicated to promoting the local scene. We are happy to have a partner that resonates with our ambition, supporting our mission without interfering in the program, broadcaster selection, or topics discussed.

Joining our efforts, DjSuperStore has become our technical partner, providing all the gear we need to smooth the sound and cuddle the ears of any selector coming to our studio.

Our studios are in the cultural and entrepreneurial Bucharest's Creative Quarter, a seething environment we are proud to be part.

We give thanks to all the people that entrusted us with their projects and their voices!

Black Rhino Radio is a brand of The Mean Team SRL, based in Bucharest, Romania.