The fourth session of our Artist in Residence programme brings together Fine, It's Pink and The Ghost of 3.13. For this episode we have a collaboration between an indie band with influences in post-rock, trip hop, electronica and a producer that comes from a more techno and noise atmosphere.Each residency aims to promote the process of collaboration, producing and recording a song. It interests us how artists work and negotiate musical ideas in order to reach a common goal. We are happy to present you the result of this session by introducing the song Moon Follows River. You can listen the full track on our Soundcloud page and watch the documented video of this residency episode on YouTube. The video version also features interviews with the artists. You can purchase the track following our Bandcamp page.

Recording, mixing & mastering by Marius Costache at Studio148.Video, edit and photos by Good stuff.

Words about Fine, It's Pink:

Fine, it’s Pink have been jamming together, honing their skills and earning plenty of praise since 2013. Although the band mixes genres like post rock, dream pop, ambient, electronic and trip-hop ,with a pinch of psych, Ioana’s melancholic vocals remain the center piece of the band’s sound. Their music tends to be for those open to introspection and not always looking to bounce around. They are still evolving and experimenting with new genres and discovering something new about themselves with every song they compose.Follow Fine, It's Pink on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Words about The Ghost of 3.13:

The Ghost Of 3.13 is Mihai Costea hailing from Calarasi, Romania. He first started messing around with music production around 2004, being influenced by artists like The Flashbulb, Ben Frost, Aphex Twin, Deaf Center and Venetian Snares. His music can be described as a mix between ambient, modern-classical, IDM, glitch and breakcore.Follow The Ghost of 3.13 on Facebook and Soundcloud.