Skeptical | Kukilla | Toben26th of September | Expirat Club | 22.00 hoursTicket 30 lei | Facebook RSVP here Artwork by Agi

Our next residency in club Expirat welcomes Skeptical (UK) with local support from Kukilla and Toben.

++ Skeptical

As a DJ and producer whose natural passion for music in all its forms eventually spilled over into a full blown production habit, Skeptical has been responsible for some of the most damaging yet delicate tracks within the current Drum & Bass genre.

Skeptical made his mark with "Blue Eyes EP" on Ingredients Records in 2011 and has since had a slew of impeccable releases on highly esteemed imprints such as Dispatch, Metalheadz, Soul:r and Exit Records. Exit Records became the home for "Marka", a collaboration with Dub Phizix and Strategy which went on to being a cross genre track and a DJ pick for any dancefloor worldwide while racking millions of views on YouTube. Most recently Skeptical’s releases schedule with Exit has been steady flowing with releases such as "Imperial" and "Outset" EP. Not shy of collaborating, Skeptical is 1/5 of collective group "Module Eight" made up of producers dBridge, Kid Drama, Loxy and Resound.

Module Eight is a project of likeminded producers with no real aim but to have fun making music. It has resulted in an album being released called "Legacy". His collaboration track "Move Way" with dBridge was released on the legendary R&S Records and was the first Drum & Bass track to come out on the record label since the year 2000. His work with various labels across the globe has seen him remix tracks from a wide range of producers such as Jubei and Jamaican reggae musician Sizzla.Skeptical is known for his technical DJ-ing abilities and has travelled the world to places such as Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Asia. His DJ sets have been heard in some of the most well known clubs and festivals worldwide.

++ Kukilla caught the bug of electronic music since 1997 and 10 years later he started playing with sound, mixing and layering the foundations of Astronaut Kru SoundSystem (Romania's loudest and most active free sound system), alongsie his friend Burner Green. In his mixes you can hear genres like dub, jungle, drum and bass, neurofunk, metalcore, tekno, 4x4, breaks, with a dynamic and surprising result.Besides playing in Prague, Zurich, Copenhagen or Paris , he traveled the country far and wide, played at indoor parties and outdoor festivals and raves, almost every weekend for the past 9 years, in the most unconventional locations and shared the rigs on events with Black Sun Empire, Noisia, State Of Mind, The Qemists, Audio, Klute, The Prototypes, DLR, Insideinfo, Smooth, Trei, Zombie Cats, TC, B-Complex, Komatik, Logistics, Big Bud, Amit , Soul Intent , Jay Rome, Funsta MC, Erb N Dub, Terry T, Psychofreud, Submorphics, DJ Chap, Elite Force, Overlook, Gridlok, and many more.

++ Toben is a music producer and Dj from Arad, Romania, arose into producing dnb after 6 years of extensive Dj’ing as part of the ‘Freenetik Kru’ and ‘Bass Invaders’ that also resides in Romania. Since 2012, Toben has played shows and events with many talented and veteran artists alike. ‘Toben’ in the last few years have been devoted to experimenting with somber sounds with the added touch of jungle vibes. Being dedicated to the sound, he never settles for anything specific when producing, but rather opens the barriers to his artistic creativity. Being highly influenced in experimental music, ambiental, techno and other flavors of the scene, his styles are versatile in the studio as well as the DJ sets he plays. His next releases are scheduled in the next few months so keep an eye for them.