Next event of our monthly sessions is bringing in club Expirat, on the 31st of October, the versatile Bristol duo Kahn and Neek, with local support coming from Low Freq and Rax (SubGiurgiu crew). With a diverse music selection, their sets are always providing the element of surprise. From reggae to dubstep and from experimental music to grime, each session is unique, so be sure not to miss their first appearance in Romania.

Although often painted as two of the UK’s meanest warlord selectors, Kahn & Neek’s ruff-and-tuff reputation often masks how intelligent and fluid their DJ sets really are. Rolling between grime, dubstep and various mutated sound system styles (and all on wax), they’re as comfortable playing meditative, heads-only DMZ raves as they are playing to rowdy festival crowds, matching their output accordingly.

Masters of pulling out records from seemingly nowhere – often VIPs or dubs they’ll have cut especially for whatever party they’re playing – the two, having both learnt to DJ as kids, are always in-sync with their movements too. Informed by their own individual and collective musical pursuits away from Kahn & Neek, especially as part of 11-strong musical collective Young Echo and as label heads of their Bandulu label, it is their insistence on staying true to traditional sound system culture that makes them such an exciting and powerful DJ outfit.​