18th of March at Control Club
AMMAR 808, Dubase, Puiu, Esqu

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We’re setting up for a pulsing dancefloor on the 4th Black Rhino Radio Residency at Control Club!
Bridging past and future in a blend of ancient sounds & electronica, the night will be fueled by AMMAR 808. All-around praised Tunisian producer comes packed with the ultra low bass rumble of a TR-808 & a bag full of Arabic & Indian sounds.
Fellow voyagers in this sonic adventure are radio’s broadcasters Dubase, Puiu & Esqu, each infusing various rhythms in a synergetic experience.


Sofyann Ben Youssef AKA Ammar808 is the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed albums « Maghreb United » and « Global Control / Invisible Invasion », not forgetting the late project Bargou08.
Before setting base camp in Denmark, he traveled a singular journey that made him the godfather of the Tunisian alternative and electronic scene. Bred as a musicologist in the corridors of Tunis’ Music Institute, he specializes in Arabic and Indian music. As an avid listener, he strives for bridges between oriental and occidental music. This thirst for yet unheard musical blends led him to settle in Vienna, then Brussels, where he met Anana, vocalist and guitarist of the Touareg Band Kel Assouf. Sofyann produced their albums and joined the live band, bringing his sub-harmonic Moog Bass to the Desert Blues cocktail.



Dubase is a true veteran of the local music scene. His mixing and digging skills place him among those who left a legacy on the music scene. His journey into music started in 1997 under the Cluj Ravin Society, a crew that founded the first Romanian music festival, De la Hoya.
In his backpack filled with recollections from the last 25 years, you can find Dubase as a curator, alongside ZO, for the Roots stage at Electric Castle, soundtrack filler alongside Calibro 46 (Leizaboy) for noir movies, true junglist and one of the first promoters of the genre on FM radio (back in 98-99) alongside Seba 1394, a vinyl records shop co-owner in Oradea, called Lazyhour, and a radio host at Black Rhino Radio with the monthly show - Babalonia.




Puiu is an avid vinyl collector and music fan, a member of the Vinyl, Rum, Tapas & Wine and Black Rhino Radio crew since the beginning. Almost seven years ago, he started Orient Express, a recurrent music event based in Cluj-Napoca, focusing on oriental and arab music. Also a radio at Black Rhino Radio with the monthly show - All Kinds of Blue.




Esqu is a local producer who likes to lean back and let the music speak. Coming from hip-hop, he started with beat productions being heavily influenced by the work of J Dilla. As time passed, he stepped into the realm of electronic music, exploring new genres and enriching his musical production. Nevertheless, his hip-hop history left a massive imprint on his way of doing things, and even if he constantly releases music, he still sits on countless beats just waiting to be released.
Esqu is also part of Black Rhino Radio's broadcasters with his monthly Esqucha show.