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We continue our fine selection of music and artists with Channel One Sound System. Veterans of reggae music, Channel One is one of the world's greatest and best known dub and reggae sound systems. Operated by Mikey Dread on the i-trols and MC Ras Kayleb, their sound revolves in sound system culture.

Irie Warriors Soundsystem, Kaya Foundation, Raps and Serious Dub are joining the lineup for a celebration of good music, rockers rhythm and sound system culture.

++ Channel One Sound System

In 1979, Mikey Dread and his brother Jah T began to play at blues parties and local dances having spent many years under the watchful eye of their father, owner operator of the famous Admiral Bailey Sound. They chose the name Channel One in homage to the legendary Jamaican record label of the same name whose tunes featured heavily in those early selections. Inspired by Bob Marley’s belief in uniting people through reggae music, Mikey was keen to introduce new people to dub reggae music and started touring around universities, where he secured a solid fan base. Channel One’s mission is to break down barriers via reggae music, they have achieved this by playing new venues, new festivals and different countries, taking their unique sound to Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Turkey and all over Europe.Channel One also celebrated 30 consecutive years at the Notting Hill Carnival making them one of the must see sound systems for attendees to Europe's biggest street festival.

Channel One Sound System's hand built custom speaker stacks provide a rich heavyweight bass sound which compliments their tight selection of old and new dub reggae classics, all played from a single vinyl deck and accented with echos and sirens. MC Ras Kayleb compliments Mikey's deep draws with Rastafarian chants and songs

++ Irie Warriors build their sound system in 2012, becoming Irie Warriors Sound System. Operated by Dani and Low Freq, their music resides both in rockers and steppers rhythm. Playing in major festivals and dances around the country Irie Warriors Sound System impresses by its versatile and militant sound.Come and join their dances to hear early reggae, rub-a-dub, digital dancehall and one drop music selection.

++ Kaya Foundation is one of the first reggae groups established in Romania. Starting its activity in 2008, Kaya always pushed the reggae movement forward through their dances, music selection and their dedication to conscious roots reggae and dub music. In 2009 Kaya built Kogaion Sound System, the first local sound. Pushing the militant rockers rhythm even further, Kaya became an emblematic name for the Romanian scene of reggae music. For nine years now, they kept organizing dances and build strong communities around their annual festival: One Love

++ Raps joined the militant sound of rockers rhythm in 2012. Since then he played on dances around the country, constantly bringing energy to the dance floor and conscious to the hearts and mind of audience. Raps is definitely one of the artist who continues to evolve throughout his selection and technique.

++ Serious Dub is a musical project developed with the purpose of building an awareness to music and the roots of music in particular. True militants of the steppers rhythm, Serious Dub is producing music, DJ-ing and organizes club nights.