24th March at Platforma Wolff
Om Unit, Low Freq, WRK, Cocco Mio b2b matei, Rax

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Experiments in Dub is a Black Rhino Radio series that creates a bridge between all sorts of rhythms driven by the sub-frequencies of the bass. The series invites for a monthly session artists who select, play, or produce music by experimenting in this area. One session per month is held in the Black Rhino Radio studios, and one month at Platforma Wolff.

Om Unit (UK)

As a producer and DJ, Jim Coles' persistent presence in an ever changing world has solidified his place as an electronic music pioneer. Coles took on the mantle of Om Unit in the late 2000s, and since then the English producer has sought to challenge himself and his audience by going beyond the confines of genres and styles he is typically pinned down into. In the process he has found success by striving for more feeling, for a more human and daring electronic music.
What drives Coles is a desire to keep challenging himself, and in turn his audience. During his time as Om Unit, this has led him to distilll various influences — hip-hop, dubstep, ambient, jungle, footwork, techno and dub — into a fluid take on sound system culture that sidesteps the pitfalls of genres and pastiche and creates new potentials for exploration and inspiration, with many following in his footsteps. It’s how, in the early 2010s (under the recently resurrected ’Philip D Kick’ alias) he came to pioneer the stylistic and rhythmic links between jungle and footwork via a series of acclaimed edits that brought him to the attention of the drum & bass scene. This personal approach has earned Coles praise as a refreshing voice in dance music from both peers and the media.

Low Freq

Co-founder of Black Rhino Radio and veteran promoter of all kinds of musical genres, Low Freq, alias of Codin Orășeanu, started his musical journey in the early days of Web Club, where he was a resident. Since then, he has continued to DJ, produce, promote, organize and create content for all aspects of the musical landscape. His sets vary from jazz to bass music with hip-hop flavors and from dub to drum and bass.
Host of Crickets on the Moon, a monthly show at Black Rhino Radio.


WRK is a founding member of the oldest group of promoters and DJs from Târgu Mureș (Romania), LBC Kru. Alongside them, he was responsible for organizing the first electronic music parties in his hometown and later, in the early 2000s, the event series "Fundamental Breaks" that brought to the city the most renowned drum & bass and breakbeat DJs from all over the country at the time. He started DJing in 2003, and after getting a residency in the local club Avi-Cola, played warm-up and after sets with Rapala for a series of exclusive nights promoting all varieties of broken beats. Ever since, he's been an active movement member, mainly playing bass-heavy music, from deeper dubstep to the more forward-thinking electronic beats and occasionally old-school 2-step / garage.
Part of the Black Rhino Radio broadcaster family with his monthly show - Headzmusik.

Cocco Mio

Cocco Mio – alias of Andreea Ilisăi – is an illustrator based in Bucharest, Romania, who is passionate about art and sound. You’ll find her where these two worlds collide, in love with the hypnotic side of every genre among the electronics. Digging and music have been a part of her creative process forever.
Also a broadcaster at Black Rhino Radio with the monthly show - Odd Groove


matei is a fan of anything alternative, left-field, and/or low-end driven. He enjoys experimenting with different sounds as his focal point is usually underground. Expect engaging tracks, be they fun or emotional.
Co-hosting aim+wall, a monthly radio show on Black Rhino Radio.

Everything started in '08, and it's blurry now, Rax says. First, he discovered 140 bpm music by listening to podcasts and mixes and attending bass-music nights in Bucharest. All that until he took a trip to Outlook Festival, an experience that firmly imprinted his perception of dubstep and bass music. Since then, Rax became a frenetic vinyl collector, moving his sets to a vinyl records-only selection.