May 20 | Platforma Wolff
Babe Roots & Galas | Dubik | Low Freq

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With Summer in sight, Experiments in Dub returns to Platforma Wolff on Saturday, May 20th, for session #2. This time we are connecting with the Italian scene and inviting Turin-based sound system operators Babe Roots accompanied by MC Galas. The session occurs outdoors, with local support from Dubik and Low Freq.

Experiments in Dub is a Black Rhino Radio series that creates a bridge between all sorts of rhythms driven by the sub-frequencies of the bass. The series invites monthly session artists who select, play, or produce music by experimenting in this area.

Babe Roots is a project founded in Turin, Italy in 2013 by Andrea Perini and Alessandro Verrina. The two, started their careers by playing for the record label For Pleasure Records with deep and techno dub-influenced material that later linked into a Chain Reaction / Basic Channel-like sound, which evolved furthermore into a highly structured aesthetic influenced by Jamaican reggae, dub and UK trip hop elements characteristic of the ’90s.
2016 saw their first releases in Italy under their official name Babe Roots. Rohs!, Linear Movement, Echocord and System Music are all labels that now host productions signed by this multitalented duo.
Their DJ sets enclose and encompass the essence and spectrum of their musical influences: ambient, dub techno, roots reggae, and the soundsystem culture as a whole. Babe Roots perform regularly in Berlin, Bristol, London, Paris, Turin, and on various revered soundsystems in Europe.
Joining Babe Roots at the controls is reggae MC and singer, Galas, who also appeared on various releases of the duo and joins them regularly on their tours and sessions.

DJ, producer and electronic music gear builder, Dubik combines these three specialities fusing them with his passion for dub, folklore and spaced out sounds. After passing on from guitars to synths and exploring and absorbing the technical side for a while, Dubik started producing and DJ-ing in 2010. He then trained his skills to deliver an organic musical experience, be it with his DJ sets or his productions. In 2015, after debuting on the Astronaut Kru soundsystem at different festivals during Summer, he was invited to join them in their efforts to build and coagulate the Romanian soundsystem culture.
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Co-founder of Black Rhino Radio and veteran promoter of all kinds of musical genres, Low Freq, alias of Codin Orășeanu, started his musical journey in the early days of Web Club, where he was a resident. Since then, he has continued to DJ, produce, promote, organize and create content for all aspects of the musical landscape. His sets vary from jazz to bass music with hip-hop flavors and from dub to drum and bass.
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