July 14 | Platforma Wolff
Weeding Dub | Serious Dub | Ursu Dub

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With summer already here, Experiments in Dub continues its journey of dub experiments and explorations at Platforma Wolff on Fri. July 14th for session #3, establishing a connection with the French scene and inviting Weeding Dub with a live mixing set. The session takes place outdoors with local support from Serious Dub and Ursu Dub.

Experiments in Dub is a Black Rhino Radio series that creates a bridge between all sorts of rhythms driven by the sub-frequencies of the bass. The series invites monthly session artists who select, play, or produce music by experimenting in this area.



Since 2004 and the release of the now classic "Steppactivism", Weeding Dub has continued to produce, recording and performing around the world. Today this multi-instrumentalist musician still surprises with the diversity of his productions and his dexterity behind a mixing console, unique in the dub landscape! He thus creates a unique live experience that appeals to both reggae and electronic music lovers.

Weeding Dub concerts, renowned for their energy and unpredictability, are a unique and atypical experience. Atypical because if it is largely inspired by the Anglo-Jamaican culture of the Sound System, Weeding Dub offers, with his mini studio on stage, a Dub LIVE is enthusiastic, contagious, and interactive, with constantly renewed mixes, appreciated by amateurs of the genre and novices.


Serious Dub promotes and selects dub music without any apology. Serious Dub productions have emerged from the commitment and passion for dub music and its vast and complex universe. On stage, they offer an evolutive set ranging from dub to steppa in a sound system style, packed with exclusive dubplates, quality sounds and positive vibes.


Ursu Dub is a sound engineer, selector, vinyl and sound system enthusiast that travels around the world finding the best reggae-dub sounds. His selections and mixes vary from roots to dancehall and from dub to steppers, all wrapped in a sound system style. Ursu mixes both in tune and frequency, always paying attention to sub frequencies creating an atmosphere where music hits the heart and the body.