Housewife Records is a freshly launched record label from Canada, specialised in dark ambient, post-industrial, noise and generally hard to classify experimental music. I had the pleasure to talk with Zach,  had honcho of the label, and even if some details about Housewife Records are kept secret, I found out that the label has many surprises to offer. Read about these in the following short but intense interview about occult recordings.

You are planning a VHS release, how come you decided on this format? Do you plan any VHS releases for the future?

Housewife Records is a multimedia creative outlet for releases you wouldn't usually find with more common labels. I set out to make something different and kind of go against the grain. The label's releases are somewhat polarizing in the sense that you're not 100% sure what you'll be getting. I'd love to do more VHS in the future, so it's definitely a possibility.

Your label is conceptual, as the customer never knows what they'll get when ordering. Why did you choose such a format?

People like to take a chance sometimes. With music, you're always taking a chance. From your first listen you know whether or not you're going to like a band, or artist or whatever it is, but with Housewife Records all you get are these creepy little ads that give off bad vibes and a little bit of information regarding what you'll be getting. Other than that.. you're in the dark.

What are your plans for future releases? Will you focus on specific styles of music?

I have a lot of ideas. Most are written down so I won't forget. I don't really want to give any info away.. We have a new cassette tape available (4.18.18) called 'Broadcasts From Beyond' that's made up of over 40 minutes of 'genuine' occult recordings. Exorcisms, seances, EVPs and other spiritual communications. I highly recommend it.

Tell us some Canadian names we should follow, some artist that you are listening now for example.

The label doesn't work with any outside artists at the moment. Everything is created in-house specifically for the label. It's an entity all in itself. Noise in Canada is pretty prevalent. There's lots of that kind of stuff, but you have to kind of dig for it. I'm gonna go ahead and tell you right now that you should be keeping an eye on a project called xDolphxLundgrenx from Ontario. Those guys will fuck you up. I'm not too familiar with the drone scene here, but it exists. I keep to myself and the label for the most part.