Good music is everywhere, and sometimes it is hard to keep up with every week's releases. So, we took a step forward and hand-picked a selection of 5 albums we recommend you to listen to over the weekend. Every Friday we will have a new selection ready to be played on your speakers.
Apifera - Overstand
Stones Throw / 2021

Apifera is: Nitai Hershkovits (keys), Yuval Havkin aka Rejoicer (keys), Amir Bresler (drums) and Yonatan Albalak (bass). Accomplished solo artists in their own right, the four musicians have come together for their debut album Overstand, out this October. Named after a variety of bee-attracting orchid, Apifera create organic-sounding structures, harmonies and arrangements intended to reflect the rich variety and equilibrium of the natural world.

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Versa 'Flutter' & 'Bloom'

Versa signs the 6th release of Bristol's The Moth Club. Crafting his skills with precise intention, this cosmic revelation consists of two outstanding tracks, perfectly encapsulating the sound of Versa.

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Music For Sleep - Music From A Sinking World

The "Music From A Sinking World" album project is in its entirety the recovery of some tape loops (recorded between March and October 2020), erected on orchestral fragments, static interruptions and blurry depths.

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Biosphere - Angel's Flight
AD 93 / 2021

Angel’s Flight is the new album from highly-acclaimed producer and composer Biosphere.It features twelve tracks based on Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 14 that deftly tread the peripheries of classical and electronic composition.

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Heathered Pearls - Cast Remixes Part I

On the first installment of remixes from Heathered Pearls' 2020 album 'Cast', we find the source material's subtlety moved to emotional extremes.

Salvaged Copper, featuring Detroit legend Terrence Dixon, is re-imagined by another one of electronic music's greats, Luke Slater. A nod to the English producer's melodic past, the song glides and bristles with melody and texture for its spellbinding 17 minutes. Dixon's vocals become a refrain as the track reaches its apex.

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