A year has passed with plenty of new releases around the sonic hemispheres. Spinning around the globe, we make a pitstop for what was best or most appreciated in the main music genres.

“2022 was a good year for Jungle music. Established producers like DJ Trax, Paradox, Seba, Fracture, Gremlinz, Coco Bryce, Ricky Force, as well as relatively fresh ones - Subreachers, Subjects, Qant, Krugah, Kloke, Arcane, Duburban - kept the beats rolling and our feet moving. Labels like AKO Beatz, Deep Jungle, Future Retro London, Repertoire, Straight Up Breakbeat, 3AM Eternal, AGN7 Audio put out great releases with sound ranging from 90's funk-infused beats to jungle tekno and modern jungle, while stalwart label and party-series Rupture brought it all together under the same roof.  This playlist tries to cover all the above in 20 tracks, showing the different flavours that this beautiful music called Jungle has to offer.” Mi-tzu