After so many decades of debating if extraterrestrial life really existed, after a group of people even decided to raid Area 51 to find proof of life outside our atmosphere, the time has come - they finally made contact bearing important messages for the survival of our species.

Alienmade and Kodama have been chosen to deliver to us these messages of high importance by manipulating the frequencies of sound transforming it into the artform of what we nowadays call "music".Their message is as clear as it could be, the Treant Protector which is in every one of us must rise and start to protect the environment around it so that Idk Maybe One Day we may obtain enough wisdom and respect for our surroundings that we'd be worthy to walk the Elephant Walk and tell the stories to the younger generations over at Cafe Cantante.

Artist: Alienmade, KodamaTitle: Treant Protector EPLabel: Dirty Beats MusicRelease-date: October/28 2019Catalogue No.: DBM008Format: DigitalMastering: Marcel Warnas @ MWM Mastering Services