The idea and the desire to build a local radio station came after a series of conferences we organized four years ago. Among other guests, we have invited Xanthe Fuller (Creator Marketing & Partnerships Director at Mixcloud), Dave O'Donnell (Producer and former Managing Director at WorldwideFM), and Orpheu de Jong (co-founder of Red Light Radio). Listening to their stories of how a radio station is built, we started to believe we can make this happen in our city.

Since our first raves we organized back in 2000, we have dreamed of a space where different genres can meet and co-exist, providing an overview of the beauty and diversity of music. Driven by this type of ethic, we started to work on the platform.

Last year, when we finally decided it was time to put out our plans, we started from a room given to us by a good friend in a flat rented for her company. We were more than happy with this. A room was all we needed. But as the project moved on, we received a larger space, with room enough to accommodate two studios and the possibility to host all kinds of projects.

From a starting plan of opening the station with two or three shows a day, with three days before opening, we confirmed over 90 shows broadcasting live 10 hours a day, Monday to Friday. As the project evolved way above our expectations, we started to search for funding as what started as a side project now was becoming a solid platform that needed much more attention and dedication. We have established a strong partnership with glo™ as their mission statement is rooted in our ambition to support the local scene by promoting sub-cultures and diversity.

We will do our best to work with our broadcasters to build a platform that can represent different cultures, ideas, beliefs, and to provide an open space for debates and sharing knowledge.