“Bucureci Andrei of Black Rhino Radio has commissioned us and Marius Costache to write and produce a theme song for his Everyday Is Halloween bi-monthly radio show. We took the challenge without a brief based solely on our experience and love for industrial dub.

Dub music and Obeah art has constantly clashed with industrial rock and metal. The sounds of Killing Joke, Mark Stewart & The Maffia, Tackhead, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Alien Sex Fiend, Meat Beat Manifesto, Pop Will Eat Itself and their albums, singles and videos have been a constant inspiration to us Transylvanians. Nothing is more transgressive than life in the post-industrial, post-communist Carpathian mountains. In ancient times we had a lot of bloodshed, in the Dark Ages followed carnage and mutilations from the ruling empire and the communist regime brought censorship, mind control and famine. Some things changed, most haven’t: only recently, Roșia Montana, an ancient gold mining town has entered the UNESCO heritage program that allows it to be protected from greedy politicians and schizoid capitalists. Everyday Is Halloween here in Transylvania, with or without COVID or Mike Myers.” Obeah

This is a Bandcamp only release.

Lil Obeah – vocals, samples, concepts
Marius Costache – production, mixing & mastering
Boris Kulenovich – electric bass
Marius Costache – keys, percussion, sounds
Collage and Art Direction by Cristiana Bucureci

All Lil Obeah vocals recorded by Marius Costache at Studio148
Special thanks to Nick Page Dubulah aka Dub Colossus
Special thanks to Rodion Ladislau Roșca aka Rodion G.A.
Obeahs lyrics and vocal melody by Ministry