The Sound of Art to Come Records is a Transylvanian based record label, home of Dub, Electronic and Experimental music outcasts and mavericks.

After ten years of making eclectic music, the dub ghost musician from Romania has tuned-in to another frequency creating Lil Obeah from Transylvania. When it comes to his sound, he defines it as duppy dub from a parallel universe - The Shape of Dub to Come dimension.

He works with professionals in the music business, from Bucharest-based producer Marius Costache of 148Studio to international stars like Nick Dubulah of Dub Colossus, Transglobal Underground and Dreadsquad. His remix work includes local artists like Tony Baboon, international sound clashers like Dubmatix and Prince Fatty, but also fictional acts like Reefah Madniss from Berlin.

Lil Obeah’s roots are a very eclectic batch of bands and artists, including his past projects Crowd Control, The Shape of Moombhaton and Tunesinnaourheads. He is inspired by the strangest and most special Romanian sounds, ranging from weird experimental authentic local dub to traditional reggae-dub with ska and rock influences, from 1988 to 2020.

The artist considers Dub music sound art and aims to create a forever authentic Romanian horror film soundtrack with his songs and remixes.

My grandmother inspired me to approach this song in a dub style. On the anniversary of her death I want to remember her as one of the most courageous people I knew. She used to say about politicians that "they have already sold us and our souls".

So when it comes to positive yet great political lyrics Oamenii sunt încă frumoși is one of the best songs there is out there in the Romanian music industry. I loved it from the first listen and I am totally inspired by its message and sound.

Because we need more women in art and music the Oamenii riddim is priviledged to welcome the superb voices of actress Elena Popa and contemporary dance and art choreographers Irina Marinescu and Alina Ușurelu from Developing Art. These creative and courageous ladies are diving deep into the concept and sharing a message of hope mixed with sarcasm, meditation and empathic dystopia.

This album is a soundclash between Bucharest, Marius Costache (Studio148, Environments + FEBRA) Timișoara based bassist Mihai Moldoveanu (Jazzybit, Amalia Gaiță, URMA, Paperjam & Sunset in the 12th House), Cluj's Leon Lotoțchi (ex-Baba Dochia) and the artist spoken word poet Viku Zenescu.

Constanța Vlad, born Velcov – Russian poem
Lil Obeah – all vocals, samples, concepts
Marius Costache – production, mixing, mastering & percussion
Horseman – drums
Mihai Moldoveanu – electric bass
Leon Lotoțchi - thereminist
Special guest Marian Șerban Feraru – țambal aka santur
Collage and Art Direction by Cristiana Bucureci

Special guest Constanța Vlad Velcov
Special guest Elena Popa
Special guest Irina Marinescu
Special guest Alina Ușurelu
Special guest Viku Zenescu

All Obeah vocals recorded by Marius Costache at Studio148
Production by Marius Costache at Studio148
Special thanks to Stanciu “Punct” Daniel
Special thanks to Nick Page Dubulah aka Dub Colossus
Special thanks to Tim Wheelan and Hamid Mantu de la Transglobal Underground

Obeah lyrics and vocal melody by Marius Andrei Alexe aka MC Bean of Subcarpați