Warmth Patterns is the closing piece of the new Mytrip full-length album “Keeper”. The video was shot and edited by visual artist Silvana Ilieva, who is also responsible for the photography used on the album layout.

“Keeper” is due on July 1st via Bulgarian experimental music publisher Amek Collective. The album is a work of progress and growth, a somewhat of a continuation of the sound hinted at in “Filament” (Amek, 2016) and Angel Simitchiev’s recent work with various side projects and collaborations. “Keeper” is more rhythmic and loop-based, it explores and juxtaposes a plethora of atmospheres and moods to form a sonically and emotionally mature piece of music.

The backbone of the album was originally conceived for a live performance at the Bulgarian National Radio, which took place in October 2018. Self-recorded with the intention to be preserved as a live album, most of the music retains the original structure, feeling, and intensity of this first performance but was further explored and expanded during recording sessions and selected live shows throughout the next year.

“Keeper” can be now pre-ordered on vinyl & digital here.