Low Tide Recordings

Bristol-based producer Prizma has followed up his previous 10” white label on Low Tide Recordings with another huge exclusive, Youtdem.

Both Killa P and Long Range from Killa’z Army feature, spitting a warning to those at risk of being drawn into exploitation and violence. There is no doubt of the MCs’ intention; they are striking back against the temptation to seek money and success through criminality, discouraging young people from being caught up in a dangerous environment that too often ends in tragedy.

The track is not dry or sombre, though. Instead, Prizma uses punching, distorted bass laid down with frantic and unpredictable drums, completed with accents from muted string chords for a classically simple but powerful sound. The release includes both vocal and dub versions of Youtdem, allowing the instrumental to shine individually as well as when mashed up with Killa P and Long Range’s fast-paced flows.

Super-limited 10" vinyl copies of the release are now available to pre-order via the Low Tide Recordings website.