Decentralisation should be the future.

Indonesian doom duo Senyawa — vocalist Rully Shabara and instrumentalist Wukir Suryadi — are releasing their new studio album on February 21, 2021.

Alkisah will be made available via a sustained cooperative effort involving a number of labels across the globe, as a way to decentralise the hierarchical workings of the music industry, most importantly, the distribution system.

Alkisah translates roughly to "Once Upon a Time," and tells the story of a formerly advanced society that comes to recognise the impending destruction of its established order. Redemption is nowhere to be found— doom is here, and what happens afterward is all that matters.

Each participating label was given free rein to decide the format, cover design, packaging and the number of copies they wish to release.The labels involved were encouraged to include remixes/reinterpretations of the album by local artists, as part of the release.Each label represents the country where it is based, in order to avoid distribution overlap, minimise shipping distances, and empower smaller scattered powers to grow and connect. The way it should be.

This edition by Bucharest based Orgone Dealers and Beach Buddies is a cassette tape release, both labels gladly embracing the challenge of producing and distributing Alkisah in Romania and neighbor countries.

Make sure to follow and support the international network of labels involved in this release.