120 Minutes

w/ The Cristea Institute
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In loving memory of those times when one would get an uneasy feeling stumbling upon strange, unidentified broadcasts in the middle of the night.

They may have killed 120 Minutes on MTV in 2009, but we’re its undead sister and our institutional record label is ready to give your brain a real shakedown with both the acts and the drama that we will be showcasing.
The Cast Of Moral Orel - I Hate You, Jesus
The Tiger Lillies - Banging In The Nails
Wiley - Eskimo 2 (Devil's Mix)
Pye Corner Audio - The Clearing
The KLF - It's Grim Up North (Parts 1 & 2)
Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea (Prenadez's Hyperextended Mix)
Jim Jupp - A Great Day Out
Plone - When Everyone's Asleep
Toitoitoi - Die Dosis Macht Das Gift
People Like Us - Adridged Too Far
ABBA vs Prenadez - Knowing Me, Knowing You, Loopescu
Scanner - Strom
The Advisory Cycle - Airflow
Belbury Poly - Pan's Garden
Mense Reents - This Is The Way
Strawberry Switchblade - 10 James Orr Street
The June Brides - This Town
Poeme Electronique - The Echoes Fade
La Bambola Der Dl Caligari - Deep Skanner
Oviformia SCI - Hablamos De Nosotros
Danii Minogue - Put The Needle On It
Move D & Pete Namlook - Arm Candy
Miss Cathy Brasher - I'll Remember Jimmy
Buddy Boy Hawkins - Raggin' The Blues
Anna Meredith - The Binks
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