Afro Viking Samurai

w/ peceka
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Some say that you are what you listen. Here’s a session from an afro viking samurai raised in USA by a big family of eastern european hippies and south american funk lovers. May your feet never find peace and you'll dance forever.
Bana - Pontin Pontin
Roy Ayers - Running Away
Junko Yagami - Night Sky Earrings
Evinha - Esperar Pra Ver
Los Dinners - Sampuesana
James Brown - Hot Pants Road
Tim Maia - O Caminho Do Bem
Orchestre Abass - Kissagui
Iftin Band - II Ooy Aniga
Mukhtar Ramadan Idii - Baayo
Orchestre Abass - Honam
Bakaka Band - Gobonimada Jira
Mballa Bony - Mezik Me Mema
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