w/ matei, noidzsh & djfacmuzica
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We think music is more impactful when it comes in context - that’s why it’s more likely for a track to leave a strong impression when listened to in a club, in a car with friends, or home alone in a moment of vulnerability.

Thus, we’d like to share tracks which have left a mark on us for one reason or another, while also explaining where we first heard them, how they make us feel, what we think of the artists and labels, or when we would listen to them.
Roots Bazooka Music - Soul Steppa
Xucar Warriors - Dub Dance
King Tubby - King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown
Marcia Blaine School For Girls - Team Brass
Surly - Train To Lodz
EOD - ◙
Richard Devine - 5schism
Francesco Devincenti - Fuck You Trup feat hi.mo
Djrum - What I Was Doing When I Was Doing What I Was Doing
DJ Swagger - Jingle 21
Two Shell - Pods
Francesco Devincenti - Chiarò Soldiers feat hi​.​mo
Arad Acid - Koch Metish (Exael Remix)
Foreign Sequence - Mortal Tender
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