w/ matei, noidzsh & djfacmuzica & Ana Satana
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Ana Secheres operates under the moniker of Ana Satana for all her edgy endeavors, may they be musical, organizational, mystical or just simply wireless. She has been a selector in the Bucharest scene for a few years now and has dabbled a bit with the international one as well. She plays regularly in local clubs and in the rest of the time keeps busy by organizing live acts in the past and the newly created Avoidance of Seance party series, with Platforma Wolff or working on radio shows for Noods Radio in Bristol, as ½ of Intersections, in the past and currently for Black Rhino Radio, monthly. You might also see her take photos for small publications occasionally and still applies all her knowledge as a visual artist in everything she undertakes. She has done streams, talks and is still very much open to any interesting propositions, especially ones that require dancing in the dark.
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