All Kinds of Blue

w/ Puiu & Dan Dobie
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A journey through the vast space of jazz sounds, from classics to experimental tunes, the elements that sculptured the infinite universe of sound, all blended in a 2 hour “hold your seat” mix. Ranging from new releases, contemporary artists, timeless compositions and other sub-genres of this endless blue toned nebula called Jazz.
L’orage - Dirt in the ground
Jowee Omicil - Let’s just BasH!
Limousine - Sad sun
Yann Clery - Graje
Aquaserge - C’est pas tout mais
Charles Williams - Iron jaws
Nicolas Folmer - Psychedelic
Ludivine Issambourg - Undecided
The Volunteered Slaves & Allonymous - The gambler
Electric Safari - LMGMT
Thomas de Pourquery & Supersonic - Simple forces
Dwight Trible & Matthew Halsall - Feeling good
Chorine Free - Gather soul
Ishmael Ensemble - The gift
Magdy El Hossainy - Music de carnaval
Dundundun - Can do
Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18 - Y Bywyd Llonydd
Dj Harrison - Chinatown bus
Izy - Frantic
Nicholas Payton - Gold dust black magic
Thiefs - The leaf node
Resavoir - Taking flight
Bruut! - Mulatu
Vels Trio - The Wad
Gerald Clayton - Damunt de tu nomes les flors
Little North - Running down the park
Robohands - String Feelings
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