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w/ The Penguin Trainer
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With this project I want to bring people from different artistic backgrounds together. Explore and discuss the relationship between fashion, picture, sculpture and other artistic practices. I believe that the first step in making a change is collaborating, working together on new ideas and this multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary practices goes to new artforms.

Over the years, art and fashion have enjoyed a rich relationship, sometimes bold and brazen, often more understated, yet always stretching way beyond the boundaries of geography to bring global influences to our wardrobes. In its most obvious form, this relationship can result in literal translations of one person’s artwork: Yves St. Laurent’s famed 1965 shift dress, replicating Piet Mondrian’s renowned primary-colored block print, highlighted the relevance of cubist art in popular culture in the sixties, long after Mondrian’s death in 1944. St. Laurent was also close to Andy Warhol in an era when everyone hung out with rock stars at Studio 54, and the pop artist almost certainly influenced his designs.
There is an air of innovation and inspiration that accompanies creative people as they go about their lives, observing and absorbing ideas, subliminally or consciously. It was natural that the flamboyant Elsa Schiaparelli would find an aesthetic synergy with the surrealist Dali, creating her renowned 1937 Lobster Dress, Shoe Hat, and Tears Dress.
Paul Poiret was heavily influenced by the art nouveau movement, with its exotic oriental aesthetic, or that Paco Rabanne’s futuristic collections were shaped by the aesthetics of the sixties....and many, many others examples!
I can also name it “The Love Affair Between Fashion and Art”… with this big question: How is fashion related to art and vice versa?