Avoidance of séance

w/ Ana Satana & deathbycoconut
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In this episode Ana's guests are the members of deathbycoconut, an experimental group that was created in 2015, from the intersection of three post-underground Bucharest artists, that were in completely different projects, at the time. They are Fraga( vocals, bass, keyboards) Nitchji oh (vocals, guitar, bass & keyboards) and Domnul Valentin( drums). They were joined by Alex Bala in 2019, on keyboards.

Their musical territory stretches between kraut-rock and post punk, to hip-hop, electronic and pop, in a kind of hybrid that was been described as a kind o porno stoner music.

DBC - Attraction is Ironic
DBC - Solidarity
DBC - Nu Pot Sa Te Vad In Fata
DBC - Sobolani la Catofea
DBC - Dallas
Fraga - Unknown
DBC - La Piovra
Fluid - Unknown
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