Avoidance of séance

w/ Ana Satana
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This show is based on people, their thoughts and music taste. The whole point is to invite regular people from many different areas of activity to share their thoughts on life, the present, past and future, alongside their selection of music. It's a very relaxed, loose format that can be used both as background noise for cleaning your kitchen and as a soundtrack for your spiritual awakening.
Leo James - The Center of Time
Froid Dub - First Floor
Ricco - Torq
Futurologische Congress - Kopper Warme
Jatibe - Entspannung
Puma & Dolphin - The Dress
Pletnev - Marc O'Polo
Front Des Cadeaux - Tensione Tribale
Patricia Kokett - Szamanka
Am Scheitelpunkt - Neuzeitliche Bodenbelage
Credit 00 - Traumorgel
Legowelt  - Dimension Door
The Dude from the Outersphere - Polarized Dub
A Certain Ratio - Spirit Dance
Nick Mackrory - Clone
Balam - Danza Hua Hua
Viper Patrol - For Real
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