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Friday, 06 October
“Oh, you’re the one who parties without alcohol” a French girl said once when I refused a drink. Sobriety is not the only label that defines my story. I am also a woman in my 40s, a tomboy and a twin. I’m a dj and I work in advertising. I’m an introvert and a Sagittarius.

bestofclaudia is a show about my everyday life. The good, the bad and the ugly. My life does not resume to partying, when not dancing I like to talk about the serious things in life and have honest conversations about whatever fact of life comes up. Music is my lifetime savior and best buddy I could find. We are really fortunate with so much beautiful music out there, it’s only up to us to discover it.

On this show, you’ll listen to all sorts of music, I like cheesy, I like rap, I like electronic music, deep voices and squeaky voices too. Always touched by deep or dreamy sounds and in love with cowbell and whistling. Which I’m not able to do. But, with or without whistling skills, it’s only with love and acceptance that we can get by. On earth we're briefly gorgeous, as Ocean Vuong simply put it. Through music we can make the best of it.