Black Rhino Mix Sessions
002: DYL

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For our second episode of mix sessions we have invited DYL, a Romanian based experimental producer with releases on such labels as Alphacut, Minor Label, Translation Records, RE:ST, Nord Label, Hangout Music (The Grey Division), Syncopathic Recordings, Urban Poetry, and many more. He has very quickly carved out his own unique sound which can be heard in mixes and sets of some of the most forefront players in the scene.

Find DYL on Soundcloud.
MC Tina & DYL - Dub
ASC - A Song For Hope
Dissident - Through the eyes of ice
Sawf - Sand 1 (Yves de mey remix)
ENA & Overlook - Nadsat
Adam Winchester - Figure Ground
DYL - Consequentalism
Valanx - Those Who Will Be Held Responsible
Yaporigami - Who Are You
AOT - Rundgång
Sawf - Rolla
Simon Shreeve - SKA
AOT - Rundgång (Go Koyashiki Remix)
The Knife - Colouring of Pigeons
Tommy Four Seven - I-4
Henge - Atmo 5 (Airsilk Remix)
Survey - Untitled (Es Tereo Remix)
Lowcut - All Day Dub
Hathor & Sotus - Still One (Eusebia remix)
Dissident - Soteria
DYL & DB1 - Veil of Ignorance
A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation
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