14.09.2021        Language: Romanian

Blood & Fire

w/ FCG
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"Over two decades ago, I bought a compilation due to a band, namely Machine Head. I also recognized from the disc many band names I had read in magazines before, but Candiria overturned me. I couldn't keep up with the drums, that totally impressed me at first. The singer was "crazy" too. The composition was so atypical for me at that age, but it followed me all my life. Deep... Extol broke me with their passion for extreme music. Peter Espevoll's scream seemed to come from a forest where you were not allowed to enter. It fascinated me... Converge is Converge. I saw them live for the first time in 2005. I have never seen such a performance before, nor until now. They are a unique band. If you can talk about how the other bands make music, at Converge you have to keep quiet. They are devastating... I have a meshuga story about Vision Of Disorder. At the age of 13, I saw Korn on TV, I read about them in magazines, but I had never listened. I really liked them. Later I was reading in a local magazine about Korn and I was going to discover what the musical style was, and it was hardcore. Totally wrong, but that's how they were categorized in this magazine. So the new research on that style begins, and that's how I got to listen to a lot of hardcore, and especially Vision Of Disorder. The music is simple, but together with Tim's voice your skin catches fire... I listened to the next two bands at a friend's house with whom I played together in a band, but with whom I arrived in Germany for the first time as well. Although I had listened to both bands in the past, the crucial moment was at my friend's house. He had some cargo speakers, and when I heard "Lies Of Serpents, A River Of Tears" by Zao, I simply listened to it countless times. The whisper at the beginning and the breakdown at the end left me speechless. After owning the CDs, I also knew that I had to stay loyal to them. They somehow had that bridge between what I was then and my grandfather, my history... The same thing happened to me with the song "Descent" by Fear Factory. This song is massive. It's so brutal, from my perspective, it somehow showed me what I was losing or what I was going to lose. And now I try not to lose anything precious... Cave In is a perfect combination. In fact, I liked them the most with "Antenna", and then I went back to the previous albums, and I've been following them ever since... Coalesce destroy. Although it is a primitive, simple music, it tickles you unconsciously... Soilent Green are abrasive. I really liked the transitions between the musical passages followed by the voices of Ben Falgoust, who demolishes everything around... Cephalic Carnage formed something apocalyptic in my voice. I can't help but use the influences from this band. They polished my brutality... I think I listened to Eighteen Visions for the first time with more dedication on the road to Germany. I really liked them because they made me think of Vision Of Disorder, and their concerts that I saw online were very passionate, addictive... Enslaved were recommended to me by an American friend. Of course, I knew the band's name from magazines, but I hadn't listened to them, but this friend kept telling me how brilliant "Ruun" is. He was right. This album influenced me to design the project The Wake with my friend Jens Basten, and in conjunction with all the other influences I achieved something that I am extremely happy with..."
The Wake - Born In 84, Died In The 84th Year
Candiria - Primary Obstacle
Extol - Renewal
Converge - My Great Devastator
Vision Of Disorder - Viola
Zao - Lies Of Serpents, A River Of Tears
Fear Factory - Descent
Cave In - Halo Of Flies
Coalesce - Cowards.com
Soilent Green - Last One In The Noose
Cephalic Carnage - Inside Is Out
Eighteen Visions - A Short Walk Down A Long Hallway
Enslaved - Tides Of Chaos
FCG - Unexpected Breathing Space (Act II)
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