Club Scheisse

w/ Amor Cafe
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During this radio show, we will have the opportunity to listen to hidden gems and classic tracks alike from the punk scenes all over the world.

From emo/screamo to noise and gender benders, this show is dedicated to all the underground bands that kept on grinding. We will listen to a playlist from vinyl (not limited to) selected from my personal and friends collections, mixed at home in my spare time. The second part of the show is an opportunity to push myself and others to produce half an hour of impromptu music, so send me your proposals. If you want to write me for the show to play some demo tracks, engage in dialogue, etc., please do so at fingerscrossediph[at]gmail.com.
lord snow - selfish sleep
lord snow - dark cloud
Loma Prieta - Immemorial
Loma Prieta - Poverty Map
Raein - From 3 To 1 In 2 And 4
Raein - Il N’y A Pas De Orchestre
Lester Freamon - Hella Dudes
Duck. Little Brother, Duck! - He’s A Deep Sea Fish
Pacino - NAAB
Cavalcades - A Small Decline Blocks Everything Out
The Blue Period - The Slow Pass
Ghost Bag & Tine Fetz - Portal
The Newfound Interest In Connecticut - I Can See Your Breath Rising In The Air
Baton Rouge - Totem
Baton Rouge - Hypn-O-Sonic
Baton Rouge - Au Gré Du Gel
Baton Rouge - Train De Nuit
Baton Rouge - D’année En Année
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