Comfort Club

w/ Amek Collective
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For their second Comfort Club show this month Amek Collective have focused on their brand new compilation release and last one for 2021. In one hour they'll take you on a journey within the music featured on Vanishing Standards II. Amek regulars, special guests, debuts and unexpected collaborations, it's all there.
Musical Statues - Acorn Barnacle
Petkov & Borzeszkowski - Scape I
Niandraz & Ivan Shopov - Ten of Swords
trohi - den na supata
Valance Drakes - Weak Humans, Wise Demons (Anthony Baldino Remix)
Bogdan Simeonov - In The Space of Reasons
Vanity Productions & Rangelova - Boundless
KANZ - Alpha Emitter
Haraqia - Handywork
Evitceles - Indulgence
Entrenched & krāllār - Soul On Ice
Zhe Pechorin - Days
XI-N - Eclips
Leaver - Нелюбов (Evitceles Cover)
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