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w/ Amek Collective
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For this month's Comfort Club, Amek Collective are diving deeper into "First Rays & A Lasting Echo Various Artists" to pick their favorites from this epic experimental music compilation, which happens to be the 100th release of Antwerp-based label Audio. Visuals. Atmopshere.
Greenhouse - Leaving
Kelby Clark - Ascension Parish
Lilac Pavilion - Ember
Pascal Savy - Scattered Shadows
R. Schwarz - Wind 8
Jim Haynes - Subvariant, Number Ten
Uaxactun - Flickering Figures On The Mountainside
Appropriate Savagery - Let Me Feed You (Chaotic Exposure)
Herz Aus Glas - Ankunft in Wernigerode
RG - 1992
Thorsten Soltau & Niels Geybels - Halo Arc
Lucid Palms - Perilously Spread
Joseph Lawrence Clark - Variations in Density
Cinema Perdu - Inside-Out
Reece Thomas - Only The Storm Birds Know
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