w/ Admina, Chlorys, von Buelove & 199one
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Corp. is a Bucharest-based project and platform. It aims to represent and showcase female-identified, non-binary musicians and DJs in electronic music. At the beginning of July 2019, we opened Corp. X, a place to host and set up music events based on the principles of inclusivity, warmth and openness for all of us: trans people, intersex people, sex workers, people of colour, the financially precarious, non-binary people and marginalised communities — a focal point and a friendly meeting place for and by our community.

Through Corp. X we aimed to re-contextualise the idea of ​​a party and to facilitate the access to notions and knowledge on the history / roots of electronic music, to produce a self-representation of the queer culture according to its different needs and questions.
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