w/ Ionuț Maholea
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The content of the show aims to reach specific younger audiences & demographics by airing various types of metal & alternative music genres (mostly focusing on international artists). Also, the show format will include brief presentations of some tracks in the context of their release and connected to the social & political environment of their age, but also of nowadays’ events. The objective is to broaden people’s music tastes without a go-to authority, but by associating the Black Rhino Radio brand communication with the show itself.
Hangman's Chair - Supreme
Alcest - Spiritual Instinct
If These Trees Could Talk - Left to Rust and Rot
Oh Hiroshima - All Things Pass
Chelsea Wolfe - We Hit a Wall
Gojira - The Trails
Loathe - Sad Cartoon
Greg Puciato - September City
The Daysleepers - Flood in Heaven
Zeal&Ardor - Death to the Holy
Long Distance Calling - Negative is the New Positive
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