Drumfunk Sessions

w/ Mi-tzu & Paluca
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This episode's guest is Alexey Stepanov aka Paluca, a Russian music producer based in Moscow.
With more than 50 tracks released for labels like Pinecone Moonshine, Eastern Promise Audio, Breakbeat Rebelz, Logical Direction, Monochrome Recordings and Danger Chamber, to name a few, he delivers a pure drumfunk set that shows his new experimental approach to this sound.
Gimp - Your Mind (Gimp/Steve Mix)
Stunna - Last September
Coco Bryce - Cloud Busting
Ricky Force - All I Need
Infest - The Patterns
Brayzn - Adventures VIP
Dead Man's Chest - Listen II The Rhythm
Army Of Ghosts - Dreaming
Tim Reaper & Kloke - Ocean Currents
Surface ft. Ackroyd - The Water Copy
Mr. Ho - Championsound
Materjal - Little Bird (Stacktrace & Qant Remix)
The Untouchables ft. Loxy - Genetic X
Etch - Paranorm
John Tejada - Night Transit
Ink & Gremlinz - Juno Dawn
Paradox - Soviet
Supersilent - 12.4
Parallel - A Dark Abyss
Paluca - A Galvanic Cell
Paluca - Hello, Eraserhead
Paluca - Go to Museum
Mark - See in Symbols
Mark - Veiling Hazards
Wetman - Chant
San - Subject 9
Paluca - Sleep Disorder
Nic TVG - Nika Sees
Relapse - Two Worlds Colliding With a Force More Horrifying and Beautiful Than Can Be Adequately Quantified in the Time Needed
Christoph de Babalon - Hung on a String
Dissident - See You Next Life
Sileni - Failspan
Paluca - Never pessimist
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