Drumfunk Sessions

w/ Mi-tzu & Sam Link
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As Wikipedia says it, “Drumfunk is a subgenre of drum and bass coined by Dev Paradox. The term is also referred to as Choppage or Edits which explain the technical nature of its sound; the drums, which usually are the focal point, are chopped up and re-edited drum breaks usually taken from older funk, jazz or other records.” It won't be drumfunk-only, but it will be breaks-related. And now enough talking, let's get to the music...
Drummotive - Resist The Stream
Data General - Four Eight Sixteen
Drummotive - Looming
Fanu - Aniri
Coco Bryce - Your Touch
Akkord - Folded Edge
PanicMan - OakCliff
Claire - Into the darkness
Polska - Burning Sun (Nikolay Sunak Remix)
Hany - Boxbreaker
Lazarus - Welt Als Wille
Hooverian Blur - Chevron
Hehn - Something
Martyn x Om Unit - Illroy
Fiesta Soundsystem - Pulse Fiesta
Pugilist - Siphon

Sam Link:

Chrizpy Chriz - Depreshun
Hu-Sane - Bridge Street
Bailey Ibbs - S.M.W.Y.D (Show Me What You Do)
Van Wilkins - Hypocrisy (Roaming Data Remix)
LWS - Seriously Soda
INSTINCT - Pistolwhip
Bianca Oblivion, Eliza Legzdina - EZ 4 ME (Introspekt Remix)
Thysbe - ing bumi iki
Will Hofbauer - Subtracting the Egg
Lo shea - Activation
Drumheller - Undergrowth
Dawn Razor - Autopods
Eich - Bleak
Sam Link - ?
Surusinghe - Bop
Destrata - Silverskin
Ayesha - V7
Young Muscle - Beat Up By The Drum
Delay Grounds - Marcelo's Whistle
Sam Link - ?
Destrata - Mutationist
Zenker Brothers - Enjoy Reality
Sam Link - ?
Delay Grounds - Are We There Yet?
Aagentah - V-Drome (Granul Remix)
Jason Code - Swamp Stomp
Rudoh - Threes
Kahter - Dracaena
Danny Goliger - Archos Gmini
Toby Ross - Foundation
ET FINGER - The Block
young muscle - Club Apparitions
Honeydrip - System (La Dame Rmx)
Dave N.A. - Wildwave
Mutable Mercury - Lost In Chaos
Leese x RAVL - Merak Part II
Cocktail Party Effect - Collapse
COIDO - Whipped Cream
Neida x Le Motel - Sweatin'
Cold Leader - Universal Rules
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