Dub Transmission

w/ Alecsey
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Having spent 12 years DJ-ing at local night clubs, local festivals, parties or special events, Alecsey has had a lot of time to develop and improve his deep techno, dub, groovy sound. Alecsey will deliver monumental rhythms and positively light feelings of music. You will enjoy premium sound vinyl quality Dub Techno in a live broadcast.
Lowtek Soundsystem - Swamp Thing ( dub )
Christine Benz - Schöneweide
Star Dub 006 - B1
Lowtek Soundsystem - Digital Dirt
Star Dub 006 - A1
Dub Taylor - Helix
Norm Talley - Deep Consciousness
Domo - Sidetalk
Delano Smith - Safe Place
Moreon & Baffa - Home Calling (Altitude remix)
Delano Smith & Traumer - Essence
Deep Square - Inner Waves (Traumer remix)
Sebbo & Mike - Odd
Giacomo Silvestri - Textures
Yamen & Eda - Windmill
Maksy 003 - B1
Diego Krause (Unison Wax 04) - A1
Yamen & Eda - Physicall
Diego Krause (Unison Wax 04) - A2
ABRAX a.k.a. Cab Drivers - OCB (Ilario Liburni "Tarsier" Remix)
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