Dub Transmission

w/ Alecsey
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Having spent 12 years DJ-ing at local night clubs, local festivals, parties or special events, Alecsey has had a lot of time to develop and improve his deep techno, dub, groovy sound. Alecsey will deliver monumental rhythms and positively light feelings of music. You will enjoy premium sound vinyl quality Dub Techno in a live broadcast.
NTSC - Lady of Grape
Red Meat Therapy - Let Go
NTSC - Space Jelly
Red Meat Therapy - Until We Meet Again
TM Shuffle - TwentyOneNights
DOT  - Special Needs
Mood II Swing - Move Me
DOT  - Last Resort
Shaggie & Mario Mng - Alba di Bonassola
DOT  - Another Round
Shaggie & Mario Mng - Calma Apparente
Matt Wills - Timepiece
Rhythm Factory - Infinity
Richmond Wagner - Places (live take)
Rhythm Factory - Trained To Be Ghosts
Chaos In The CBD - Educate The Heart
Rhythm Factory - Wu
Chaos In The CBD - Pressure
Okain  - Delta Street
Silverlining - Transition (Green Town Dub)
Swag Classics 003 - A1
Amir Alexander - The Scent Of My Desire
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