Ears Wide Open

w/ Alexandra
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Ears Wide Open is my call for you to come wander open-heartedly into the endless realm of beats and melodies I dig, mostly – but not limited to – electronic, No boundaries or preconceptions, just all that music I wanted to share with the world, but I didn’t have the chance yet. 

I grew up listening to the radio or better said, the radio grew me musically, infected me with a visceral need to select the music I loved and tape it on cassettes. Later on, I started to buy vinyl and play them to the people at parties. Ears Wide Open triggers a new dimension of what DJing means for me. Tune in and enjoy!
Analog~1 - B-Line
Versalife - Unclear Matter
Reedale Rise - Unfamiliar Species
Conforce - Robotic Arm Wrestle
Fabio Vinuesa - Introduction
Kosh - Keep Trying
D. Tiffany - Ak
Grammar Of Movement  - Sad Juno
Jeremiah R - Weeds
John Tejada - Crosswired
Freaky Chakra - Come Back Here
Anthony Rother - Love Is For The Hardest People
Steffi - Löweborschtel
Lockstep - I Am
Luke Vibert - Acrobot
Untold - Yukon
Martyn - 41w
Paul Backford - Microcosm
Kosh - Catch The Train
Luke Vibert - Juice
Phuture Assassins - Rydim Come Forward
Paul Backford - Bass Connection
Lake Haze - Osmosis
Credit 00 - Let It Roll
Eversines - Digital Plant System
Shifted Phases - Solar Wind
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