Ears Wide Open

w/ Alexandra
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Ears Wide Open is my call for you to come wander open-heartedly into the endless realm of beats and melodies I dig, mostly – but not limited to – electronic, No boundaries or preconceptions, just all that music I wanted to share with the world, but I didn’t have the chance yet. 

I grew up listening to the radio or better said, the radio grew me musically, infected me with a visceral need to select the music I loved and tape it on cassettes. Later on, I started to buy vinyl and play them to the people at parties. Ears Wide Open triggers a new dimension of what DJing means for me. Tune in and enjoy!
Ex-Terrestrial - Dreams Of Jupiter
Aleksi Perälä - FI3AC2272140
Carmel - 12 Hours
RX-101 - Dopamine
Lawrence Le Doux - Anther
Sam McQueen - Exhale
Greg Stryke Chin - Quintal
Photek - Kanei
Yoshihiro Sawasaki - Pax Roman Spa
Trans-4M - Mount Void
Silent Strike - Snowman
DJ Sports - Entry Mode
RX-101 - Floating Waves
The Black Dog - Eden 353
Porij - 150
De-Phazz - Dancing With My Hands
Solid Space - The Guests
Kid Loco, Olga Kouklaki - Little Doll
Cosmonection - Les Larmes du Soleil
Apiento - Things You Do For Love - Machine Version
Pillow Talk - Love Makes Parks
A Forest Mighty Black - Everything (Freakniks Remix)
Joey Beltram - Psycho Bass
Carmel - Georgia
Esa Juahi Ruoho, Lackluster - Fragrance
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