Earth Is No Fun

w/ Antonio Nartea
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Selected works edging on a rather thick borderline between 80s-90s oddities and contemporary ambient and dance music alike. Most of it out of the ordinary and into the uncharted realms of today’s underground music scenes.
Earth is no fun. Escapism is key.
The Detroit Escalator Co. - Force
Yumi Iwaki - Sleepy Fog
Cabaret du Ciel - Great Plains
Priori - Winged
33.10.3402 - IZ USTA
Black Mill Tapes - Exhumed
Ceephax - Moor
John Beltran - Morning At The Window (I Was In Heaven)
Housemates - Soul Value (Florist's 99 Adrenaline Groove)
DJ Life - Acidophilus
Gerd - Easin' In The S-System (Original 1994 Version)
DJ Ageishi, Ackin - Rain Parade (Mark E Remix)
Euphonic - Space in My Soul
DJ Fett Burger - Planetary Exploration
Mikron - Out Of Body
Anunaku - Temples
Tournesol - Break 'n' Space
People Plus - Ascension
Memphis - Deep Core
Spiritual Emphasi - Heaven's Magic
Soshi Takeda - Floating Mountains
Centric Dancer - Playing
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