Earth Is No Fun

w/ Antonio Nartea
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Selected works edging on a rather thick borderline between 80s-90s oddities and contemporary ambient and dance music alike. Most of it out of the ordinary and into the uncharted realms of today’s underground music scenes.
Earth is no fun. Escapism is key.
Death Is Not The End  -  Intro (Dateline II)
Scientist  -  Step It Up
Ruin  -  The Dive (D.Tiff Dip)
Priori  -  Impending Bloom
Roza Terenzi & D. Tiffany  -  Spiritual Delusion
Fantastic Man, Adam Halliwell, Edd Fisher  -  Sirius Mystery
Mikkel Rev  -  Mind Metamorph
Priori & RAMZi  -  Coeur Cassé ft. D.Tiffany
Chaos In The CBD  -  Coral Castle
Maara  -  Lezzies In A Jacuzzi 
DJ Life  -  Gnagnag
Shawescape Renegade  -  Space Sailing
Bliss Inc.  -  Get Some
Persian  -  Morning Sun (DJ Normal 4's Hyponormal Proto Mix)
Vitess  -  Eurostep 
Calibre  -  Im Ent
DVS1  -  Delta Wave
Laurence Guy  -  One For You, Lou
Kepler  -  Endlight
Jay-Leklass - My Mind
Bjørn  -  Put That Record Back On
Zero FG  -  Knock Knock
Fundamental Knowledge  - 1994-20 (Sarah Farina Remix)
DJ Plant Texture Pres. A662  -  Il Viaggio Della Vlora
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