Earth Is No Fun

w/ Antonio Nartea
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Selected works edging on a rather thick borderline between 80s-90s oddities and contemporary ambient and dance music alike. Most of it out of the ordinary and into the uncharted realms of today’s underground music scenes.
Earth is no fun. Escapism is key.
harles Barabé - 220721-001
Burial - Streetlands
Oblique Occasions - エイドロン
GiGi FM - Gamelan Tokyo
Midnight Tenderness - Catamaran
Letters From Mouse - Evening Sun Through The Trees
Fragile X - The Stillness Of A Memory
The Detroit Escalator Co. - Folding Space
Transient Visitor - Cobra Movements
RAMZi - O Saati ^ for Aileen
Ireless - Cjung
Chino Corvalán - Gris Afrobeat feat. Tamuz
Horse Lords - Law Of Movement
Noda & Wolfers - 現実とは反対に In Opposite Reality
African Head Charge - Orderliness, Godliness, Discipline And Dignity
Magdalena's Apathy - Libido Breaks
Anthony Naples - Aftermath AM
e-Plume - Fountain Trip
Human Concept - The Machine That Made Eternity
Step Ball Chain - Heaven Spot
DJ Plead - RB C
Joy Orbison & Overmono - Bromley
Tornado Wallace Presents - Dream Corner (Speed Bump Mix)
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