Electronica Aplicata

w/ Călin
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As a music addict, Călin is a traveler through electronic music genres, which he selects so that a sonic story can be revealed.
Affkt - Tarambana (MMYYLO remix)
Coloray - Is Love Ever Enough (rave mix)
Kayroy - Jetty Lay
Stockholm Syndrome AU - Massifs (Brixx Remix)
Alex Banks - Into The Realm
My Friend Dario - Sonica Jonica
Argia - Can't Scape
Alira Mun - Eclipsa
Leaving Laurel - Winter In The Woods
A Sagittariun - The Mind Blanks At The Glare
Dino Lenny - Psycho Under Pressure
DJ T - Blaze
moderat - DRUM GLOW
My Friend Dario - Acid Mosquito In A Summer Night
Baris K - Noon
Donatello - Temptation
Hal Incandenza - Ceremony
Supreems - Running Back
Inigo Vontier - Buconero (Javi Redondo Remix)
Lea Porcelain - Pool Song (Âme Remix)
Local Suicide feat. Curses - Whispering
Agle - Vultures Circle
Mmyylo - Saturne
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