Electronică Aplicată

w/ Călin
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As a music addict, Călin is a traveler through electronic music genres, which he selects so that a sonic story can be revealed.
Nicola Cruz - Surface Tension
Abstraxion - Simone
Ada Kaleh - Avenoir
DJ Oyster - Citrus (Gerd Janson Mix)
Jon Hopkins - Singularity (ANNA Remix)
Jon Hopkins & ANNA - Deep in the Glowing Heart (Night Version)
Elfenberg - Zion 3000
ghost 303 - Mapping A Messiah
Jason Peters, Prins Thomas - Lost in Space
Priku & Jorge Savoretti - Lynx 1
Jordan Nocturne - Day 2 (feat. Le Boom)
Max Cooper - Broken Machines Broken Dreams
SGurvin - OT93PTEdit02
Rohne & Lycoriscoris - Twelve (Lycoriscoris Remix)
SGurvin - 128888PTMix02
Ramu - Mist Or Cloud
perez dowell - Soliton
Rosssccooo - Mindslicer
Rigopolar - A Thousand Years Before
Pinch - Rade
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