Electronică Aplicată

w/ Călin
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As a music addict, Călin is a traveler through electronic music genres, which he selects so that a sonic story can be revealed.
Eden Burns Nathan Haines - ON&ON feat. Nathan Haines (Bullet Train Mix)
Four Tet - Daydream Repeat
Guava - 140 Drums
Jepe - Touché
Joe Le Groove - The Vibe (Jack On Black Extended Remix)
Julia Govor - Cold Shadow of Jupiter
Laurence Guy - I Made This to Play at fabric
Marvin & Guy - Who Dis
Mr. Ho - 000 Baby (Om Unit Remix)
Sam Goku - Pearl Jab
Sam Goku - Swamp Signal v2
Sandwell District - Disaffected
Silat Beksi - Sunwaves
The Future Sound of London - Soul Central Remix
Theus Mago - Nocturne
Viclan - Signal Path
visionnaire - Parigi Vienna
Anastasia Zems - Space Alarm
A-Tweed - Oltrefuturo (panther remix)
Ben Sims - Xotnuc (Stevie Cox Remix)
Bodhi - Orison
Coco Bryce - One Hundred
Daniel Avery - RFX Bonus Beats
Dj Balduin - Wherever You're Going Take Me With You (Acidfinky Endeavour Remix)
Drumcell - Dark Matter (Drumcell Remix)
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