Eraldo Bernocchi

Today’s special guest show brings us again in the company of Eraldo Bernocchi.

With his new record, SIMM - Too Late to dream, recently released on Ohm Resistance, Eraldo will be playing stylish and bass line driven beats, guiding the listener through a mix of dubstep, electronic & rap.
Ocosi - This Years Hex
Eraldo Bernocchi - Hoshiko Yamane Future Suns
Leon Switch - Drop
Sigillum S - Nude Dwarfs From Secret Pots Of Magnetism
Dadub - Airless Vault
Simm - Butterfly
Befa - Las Mismas Duquelas Tras Cuatro Decadas
Rotor - Continuum
Vilify - Interchangeable Auras
Scorn - Thanks For Getting Back
Simm - Sky Eater
Ocosi - Basement
Simm - A Loud Darkness
Scorn - At One Point
Sigillum S - Constant Factors Equal Static
Simm - Mangked
Vilify - Ultimate Complexity
Leon Switch - Neutron
Hoax - 16bit
Simm - Visitor
Skd+smforma - Dzijak Par Skanu
Dadub - Link To Quantum
Leon Switch - Car Music
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