Fistfight in the Garden of Earthly Delights

w/ 4142
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It’s nice and easy like the first day on Earth. Yet something’s bubbling from the inside-out. Beneath the surface, you can hear a whisper. Peculiar and uneasy. Yet soothing, ready to fuck you up. And that’s ok. Cause everything is nice and easy until it ain’t.

Fistfight in the Garden of Earthly Delights is a monthly radio show hosted by Romi Dumitrescu (4142) and guests.
Philipp Otterbach - Constant Diet Of Flattery
Yu Su - Futuro
After Altamont - Scoring for Fools (MR TC Remix)
Lo Kindre - Dusk
Sentuhlà - El Valle de los Cantos
Black Seed - One Hundred Eyes
Lucas Croon - Threshold Stimulus
LITS801 - Sundog
Awkward Corners - In Slow Motion (Sunju Hargun Edit)
Toki Fuko - What Will Enlightenment Give Me
404 - MC Murdo
Klangstrahler Projekt - Nexxus (Il Profondo Legame Con Le Tradizioni Remix)
Mortal - Chrysler
Genesis P-Orridge & Astrid Monroe - The Final Puzzle
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