Fistfight in the Garden of Earthly Delights

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This mix was recorded a couple of weeks ago at Platforma Wolff. You can listen to the first hour here, mainly functional cuts, ambient & downtempo seasoned with some ups here and there for good measure. Enjoy.
Sabla - Ground Loop
Michel Banabila - In Other Words (Web SDR Mix)
Gimmik - Resonance
Tagliabue - Persuasione
Polygonia - Gesang der Eichen
Jason oS - Hidden State
River Yarra - Vibe Shift
Polygonia - König des Waldes
Drames Rurals - Daltabaix
33.10.3402 - Danasananas
Nick Mackrory - Montana
Tapan, Decha - Twenty (Full Circle Remix)
Black Seed - Refleks
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